En Saigon con mi hermana Riri ♥

Vege & tofu fried rice!! Much better than my last bite of nasi goreng kampung.

Updated! (;

Dear Pelita, not only did you refuse me my request for a roti, but you’re making me pay 6 bucks for a nasi goreng kampung that looks like you found a place to dump last nights leftovers into. I hope you take my plea into consideration and do something about it? It is still morning after all.

Eh Teh C Ping 2 bucks. Kena con.

I miss my Janeeeeee @miljoos ):

I miss my Janeeeeee @miljoos ):

Gracias (: aunque no puedes ver esa

Missing you a little extra today ):

Me like me necklace from Sabah but me thinks me over accessorized. Rawr!

It’s back! (;

Mi hermana de la otra madre ♥ ya te extraño (:

I feel like I’ve been running all over just to spend some quality time to (re)connect with people (and Riri) but am overjoyed by all the meet ups and am humbled by the amazing people. I have yet so much to learn. Damn.

"It’s only 10pm!" We seem to be awake for most of the days here.. Needless to say this experience is crazy unique

Tuaran, Sabah. We had Tuaran Noodles and went jumping on this shaky bridge. This bridge would not have passed a lot of safety laws in the states hahaha